Are armadillos dangerous to cats, dogs, or other pets?

Build for Defense, Not Attack Armadillos are animals that were made for defense, not for attack. Armadillos aren’t even capable of properly attacking someone because they don’t have proper equipment for attack besides tiny mouth and peg teeth. Armadillos are completely harmless and docile animals. We don’t think armadillos are a threat to humans and pets at all. As for the risk of spreading diseases, we think that armadillos rarely spread diseases, although they are notorious for transmitting leptospirosis.

Why are Armadillos Harmless?
We have several reasons to believe that armadillos are completely harmless and innocent animals. We also believe that armadillos are harmless as long as you don’t touch them and don’t approach them because armadillos don’t attack without a reason to attack. Armadillos are quite small and weak animals. They appear clumsy and are clumsy in their protective armor. These animals are prolific diggers, runners, and swimmers. Armadillos are capable of swimming under water and holding their breath for up to six minutes. Armadillos have a snout that resembles the snout of a pig. Armadillos have a poor sense of vision. Now, although armadillos have poor vision, they have an extraordinary sense of smell that makes up for their poor sense of vision.

Diseases Associated with Armadillos
There are a plethora of diseases associated with armadillos. Armadillos are known to carry a bacterium that causes leprosy called Mycobacterium leprae. This means that armadillos can easily transmit leprosy onto people and pets they get in touch with. Armadillos usually transmit leprosy by attacking their enemy using their claws. Besides armadillos carry leprosy these animals also sometimes carry rabies. Rabies is a dangerous disease that can paralyze the infected individual almost instantly. Your pets can also contract rabies from armadillos. However, pets and humans rarely contract rabies from armadillos because armadillos aren’t usually prone to biting.

Armadillos and Tapeworms
Armadillos can also transmit tapeworm onto your pet, which can have serious consequences for your pet. Besides your pet can contract tapeworms through direct contact with armadillos, it can also contract salmonella.

Risky Animals
Even though armadillos rarely bite, they are still a risk for pets and humans. They are risk because they carry a number of diseases we recently talked about. You or your pet should never approach an armadillo because it may claw you and infect you with leptospirosis or other dangerous diseases.

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Are armadillos dangerous to cats, dogs, or other pets?

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