Odor from animal feces in attic

Most animals look for cozy places in the house to build nests and make a home, (If you let them, they will reproduce). That’s why you normally find them in basements, attics, between walls, garages and storage areas. Attics are especially appealing to them because most people don’t pay much attention to this part of the house and the small animals that build their nests their go generally unnoticed and undisturbed.

Animal infestations can happen to almost any home and most people don’t really know how to deal with them. After doing a thorough search of your house and possibly calling in a professional to exterminate the vermin, you will need to do a very conscientious and deep cleansing of your space to avoid infections and diseases, stop attracting more animals, and most importantly, getting rid of the smell.

A dead animal like a rat, mouse or raccoon can give off a horrible odor as it decomposes, but even live animals can give off strong smells as well, and the urine and feces generally have high doses of pheromones which are basically designed by nature as a means of communicating through smells and odors . Although humans don’t always pick up on them, most other animals have far stronger noses than us and can pick up on odors that are too faint for the human nose. That’s why it’s important to sanitize and deodorize your attic after you’ve successfully gotten rid of the animal itself, either dead or alive. The faint smell left behind by mice or rats can actually attract other rodents and even bats or owls, making all your efforts worthless, as in a few weeks you’ll have new critters living in your attic.

Animals leave behind nesting areas, urine and feces, usually peppered all over the floor, and you can easily tell where they’ve been inside your house by following the feces trail. This is easy to clean in the most accessible parts of the house, but an attic can have lots of nooks and crannies, without mentioning the insulation, the beams, rafters and wires. Even after that, you have to consider that, if you use your attic for storage, they may have chewed their way into boxes, clothes, books and whatever else you have up there.

After vacuuming the most accessible parts of the attic and removing the boxes and clutter you may have, the easiest way of making sure you thoroughly clean all those hard to reach places is with an atomizer that distributes a cleaning fog evenly throughout the whole space. This isn’t necessarily cheap and it does have security measure you must take before using. (Please be safe and read the instructions). You may also have to replace the insulation and put in a completely new one to make sure no odor or small residue remains.

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Odor from animal feces in attic

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