Can wild animals in the attic give your pet fleas?


Do you know wild animals are very unpredictable? Yes, they will just come from nowhere and make their space in the upper region of your home, the attic. From there, they have the chance to perform all their nasty work. But how can you tell that you have an animal in your attic? Well sound is the most common illustrator. If you hear some weird sounds in the attic, that come a short while ago, then this is a sure chance that you have an animal in your attic.

Types of sound in the attic

The sound in the attic will vary because at times, even large animals can enter your attic and make a shelter out of it. Therefore, at this point, you just have be vigilant. However, again, depending on the animal, the most common sounds that you will hear are;
• Scratching on the ceiling floor.
• Sounds of weaning babies.
• Running across the ceiling.
• Rushing across the floor of the lofts.
• Chewing through some items.

These are the most common sounds that you will register in a while and therefore, in case you hear the sounds, just be sure to check since you may be having a whole family of animals living in your attic.

Risks that wild animals have

Let’s face it. Even though these animals are cute, we can never overrule the fact that they are dangerous when it come to our health. Where ever the wild animals are, there will always be a potential risk of contaminating sicknesses and therefore, this is a big risk to take. These creatures that will make a den out of the attic predominantly include;
• Rats.
• Mice.
• Bats.
• Pigeons.
• Squirrels.
• Opossums.
• Raccoons.

There, if you have been suspecting to have animals in your attic, then one of these creatures must be involved. There are so many risks that are usually associated with these animals. First, where the rats and the mice are involved, potential damage to the insulation wires will occur, amongst many other damages.

One of the real issue that makes the wild animals disgusting is the fact that wherever they are, they will always carry insects with them. Insects are ecto-parasites and normally, they make a shelter out of the bodies of their host. They are not only dependable on the host for everything, they make disturbance on the pet, and they are also responsible for the bug affectability dermatitis in them. Raccoons is a special case to mention. When they live on the upper part of the room, fleas amongst other bugs will to our pets and a way to tell that our pets have the fleas is by scratching themselves hard. These bugs are perceived to contain Marine Typhus Fever, which is achieved by Rickettsia typhi.

Insects like the fleas are dangerous and hazardous to the pets that we have and you have to guard them since they may be a very high risk of contracting dangerous diseases. Keep your attic animal free to avoid spread of diseases to both you and your pets.

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Can wild animals in the attic give your pet fleas?

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