How to get rid of squirrels in the attic

Squirrels need secure location near to ample food and water in order to set up their nest during breeding season. They also want a cozy spot to weather the harsh winters. The attic of your house could be the perfect spot. If you find that you have squirrels in your attic, you want to get rid of them as soon as possible. These are destructive critters and will cause you nothing but problems. If you hear lots scratching, banging, and jumping from your attic space, it is probably squirrels. Here are some solutions to the problem. One of them could be right for you. There market is flooded with assorted poisons and kill traps, but these are pretty bloody and messy. You have to set out multiple traps, use the right type of bait, and check them often. Cleaning up the gross bloody bodies is a dirty job too.

Live traps are widely available, easy to use, and not expensive. You can find a standard wire box style live trap that catches squirrels one at a time, but then you must relocate the squirrel. You can install an exclusion funnel that lets the squirrel leave but blocks its return. Exclusion funnels can also be rigged with a cage that will trap multiple squirrels at once. There are a number of electronic or solar devices that use lights, noises, and ultrasonic sound to drive the squirrels away. There are plenty of natural remedies and folk cures like placing ammonia soaked rags around your attic to drive force them out. You must re wet the rags often for this to be effective. You can also try mothballs, or rags soaked in the urine of large predators. When the squirrels are all gone, be sure to check for any babies that might have been left behind.

Once the squirrels have been driven out, look to prevent another infestation. Seal any holes in your exterior that could be used as entrances. Clean the area around your home’s exterior. Get rid of piles of brush, high bushes, or debris. Trim back tree branches that could provide the squirrels with roof access. Squirrel proof bird feeders, and keep unattended pet food put away. Periodically police your yard and your home’s exterior to watch for any signs that they the squirrels have returned.

If you find that the infestation is more than you can handle, or you have trapped squirrels that need to be relocated, you might consider contacting an animal removal service. These trained professionals are always ready to help.

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How to get rid of squirrels in the attic

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