What attracts rats?

For starters, rats do not necessarily get attracted to unhygienic places as presumed by many people. They look for favourable conditions that will harbour them.
• Garbage is a common source of food for rats. Poorly managed garbage bins and dumpsters will be infested by rats.
• Having a fruit tree around your home ground will mean more food for rats, especially when the ripen fruits fall off the tree and star to rot.
• Pet food will also attract rats into your home space. Since they eat almost anything, rats will happily feast on pet food leftovers.
• Not only do rats look for food, they also seek shelter for protection against harsh environmental conditions. Presence of holes on walls and floor will definitely make a good home for rats.
• How is the garage or the attic? Is it untidy with old clothes, newspapers and rags? If yes, then this is a perfect place for a rat to settle in.
• Leaking pipes, taps or moist places also attract rats. This will be a great source of water needed in their bodies for metabolism.
• Plant waste materials and also the fact that the garden house is close to your crops makes them favourable to host these invaders.
• Not forgetting the farm houses, they are abundant with chicken, cattle or even pig feed and water which rats basically need to survive.

How to prevent rats.

• Dispose garbage properly. Ensure that the garbage bins are not torn and have a well fitted air-tight lid. As for the dumpsters, make them as deep as possible to limit their accessibility by rats.
• Pick up fallen fruits from the ground and dispose them instead of living them to rot.
• Make sure to cover cooked properly, especially if they are unattended or put them in the fridge. Do not leave cereal cabinets open either.
• Clean after yourself. Bread crumps, spilt cereals, food leftovers, dirty dishes, pet food all need to be cleared up to prevent rats.
• Check on walls and on the floor for holes and seal them off. Not to forget to keep the door closed if possible and making sure that ventilation, cable and water pipe passages, door and window cracks are average sized to prevent rats from using them as entries and as homes.
• Keep the attic and the garage clean and clear.
• Fix the leaking pipes and taps and keep surfaces clean and dry.
• The farmhouses and garden houses should be kept as clean as possible. Also limit the number of cracks and gaps that rats may use for entry.

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What attracts rats?

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