How do I know if there are baby wild animals in the attic?

Noises in Attic You hear some weird noises coming from your attic in the middle of the night. Are those weird noises produced by paranormal forces? Well, you should highly doubt that you have any paranormal forces in your attic. It is most likely that you have baby wild animals in your attic that produce those weird sounds.

We can bet that those weird sounds coming from your attic are either produced by wild animals or by wild animal babies. Wild animals and their babies are the only things that make weird sounds in the attic at night or during the daytime. You should immediately inspect your attic upon hearing weird sounds coming from it. The chances are high that there is a wild animal with its babies up there in your attic that decided to temporarily use it as a shelter or as a place for nesting.


Some people are just scared of wild animal and they won’t go up in their attic to see what wild animals have invaded their attic. However, such people are also at the same time curious do their wild animal invaders have babies up there. However, there is way such people can find out what wild animals are up in their attic and do such wild animals have a nest of babies.

A person can easily conclude which animal is up there in his/hers attic by following some clues. Clues will help you figure out which type of a wild animal is up there in the attic and does it have a nest of babies. Such clues are:
• Time of the day you are hearing noises.
• Type of noises you are hearing.

• What type of signs you are seeing - feces, urine, etc.

Birthing Season
A telltale sign that there are baby wild animals in your attic is hearing scratching noises and other types of noises in the attic from March to October. This comes from the fact that all wild animals mate and give birth during that period. Another telltale sign that you have wild animal babies in your attic is seeing an adult female wild animal with nipples.

During the birthing season of wild animals, which starts in late March and lasts until October, wild animals will seek various places to give birth and raise their babies. They do this so they can keep their animals safe from predators.

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How do I know if there are baby wild animals in the attic?

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