Baby skunk removal.

Skunks reproduce during the spring period. In preparation for this important period, skunk mothers look for a comfortable place, especially in household areas, make a den where she will nurture her young ones. When born, skunk kits are usually unable to neither hear nor see. These senses improve with time as they mature. Their soft pink skin is covered with little to no fur at all. They however adapt the body structure of their adult companions, an elongated body, short muscled legs, long front claws, white and black fur and of course, a bushy tail. These young ones learn everything from their mothers, from digging using their claws, looking for food by following their mother when she goes hunting to emitting their notoriously foul smell. This is where the problem comes in; baby skunks emit their spray at the sound and movement of absolutely anything. This makes it hard to remove them from their residential habitat within your household.

The following techniques can be used to get rid of baby skunks;

• The most recommended action to take is to contact skunk removal professionals. They have mastered the most efficient ways of removing baby skunks considering their spray-at-anything behaviour.
• Another way which has been proven safer is to seal off all openings through which they enter except for one. Wait till you are sure the skunks have left their den and then seal off the remaining opening. The skunks will find themselves unable to re-enter when they return and will have no other choice but to relocate. However, this method is only applicable in cases where the baby skunks are able to leave the den independently or by following their mother. Do not trap them inside as they may starve to death and create even a bigger problem, dead decaying skunks.
• Using repellents can also drive away baby skunks. They include ammonia soaked rags, making the place inhospitable for skunks by booming lights and playing music especially during the night. They will definitely leave as they like living in quiet and dark places. Other repellents include castor oil formula, hot pepper repellent and cayenne pepper. The effectiveness of the repellent will largely depend on the ventilation of the den and how big it is. Do not however use excess amounts as the aim is to drive them away and not poke or harm them.
• When baby skunks are old enough to fend for themselves and face the harsh conditions of the outside world, they will leave by themselves. So how about to just wait and let nature take its course. After they leave, you can now take precautions steps like sealing off the place to prevent them from coming back.

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Baby skunk removal.

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