What If You Are Bitten By a Bat?

Bat is one of the wild animals that can carry different kind of diseases. This animal can create diseases that affect human being directly which made it important for everyone to stay away from bat. Unfortunately bats are protected species in most states in the United States due to their ability to hunt after mosquito and keep their population under control. You know bat can easily bite with little provocation? That is why this article is about to offer you information on what to do when bitten by a bat.

Wash the Bite Area with Clean Water and Soap
If you get bite from any mammal the first thing to do is to find clean running water and soap to wash off the surface area. This is to avoid infection which can result from bacteria, fungi or even virus inhabiting the injured area. Try as much as possible to keep the surface clean before going head to contact your doctor for further treatment.

Try As Much As You Can To Apply Pressure on the Surface to Stop Bleeding
Most bat bite is caused by brown bats which have small teeth. For that reason most bat bites are not deep but only scratch on the skin. But there are still some bat species that can cause serious or deep injury through bite. However such bats are not popular and their bites are rare. After watching the injured area of your body the next thing you need to do is to apply pressure directly on the surface of the wound to stop bleeding. This is most important in the case where the bite result to deep wound and bleeding.

Consult Your Doctor for Rabies Vaccine Shot
Your doctor will be the right person to decide whether you need rabies vaccine shot or not when you get a bite from bat. So, after cleaning up the wound and stopping the bleeding you should consult your doctor as quickly as possible. Remember that sick bats are the ones that mostly bite or get aggressive to attack people.

What Normally Result To Bat Bite
Bat bite can happen for many reasons. It can be that you want to remove bates in your attic or your child just find bat on the ground and want to pick it up. But the truth is that whichever is the reason why bat bite you should not take it nonchalantly for any reason.

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What If You Are Bitten By a Bat?

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