Bat Cost

The image many people have of bats is a negative one of fear and darkness it is really a bad rap for the bat because they serve a critical role in the world’s ecosystem. They are a wonderful natural form of pest control, and their guano is an excellent fertilizer. Unfortunately bats can also be bats are carriers of viruses and other diseases, like rabies. Because of this clear danger to you and your family, a bat infestation must be handled immediately.

The cost of bat removal is contingent on the number of bats present. A few bats will cost around 300.00 to remove from an area and seal up the entryways. However if you are infested with colony of bats, that can be in excess of a few thousand dollars. To add to the problem, bats are protected in many areas, and cannot be moved when young are present.

Before contacting animal removal service, do some basic sleuthing around your home. Look for the telltale sights and sounds of an infestation.

Bats have a distinctive high-pitched squeak. As the crawl about the attic, you will hear scratching from their nail. If you have a colony, you might even hear flapping wings. Listen for these sounds at dusk and dawn when the will be most prominent
Bat feces, will look much like that of other rodent feces except for the shiny flecks that is actually the wings of the insects the bat consumes.
Like other rodents, a bat’s entryway will be marked by the oily residue on their fur that rubs off near that entry port. Look for dark greasy stains

Bats love attics especially when females are looking to start a nursery. The best way to stop that from happening is to eliminate the Bats ability to gain entry. There is a DIY method that you can do for about 20 dollars. A one-way exclusion funnel is a simple device that attaches to a bats entryway and allows it to leave through the large end, but not return through the small end. To use it you must find all a bat holes, and seal them all except one. Also, confirm that there are no babies to be orphaned. Attach the funnel to that one remaining hole. The bats leave- they cannot return. Seal u the final hole and remove the funnel.

Remember that trying to eliminate a colony on your own can be dangerous. Bats harbor a number of viruses that can be passed on to other animals including humans. Always take extra precautions when coming in contact with bats or their waste. Read up on protective gear that will be helpful, and proper cleaning procedures. Check laws in your area as well. In some places, nesting bats are highly protected. If you are unsure about handling your bat problem, turn to a professional animal removal service in your area. While it will cost you, in the end it might be worth it!

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Bat Cost

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