How many bugs per night do bats eat?

A lot has been said about how beneficial bats are to the ecosystem. The fact that they are great at keeping bug control at a check is the winning point for bats. The obvious question would then be: How many bugs can a bat pack away anyway?

What bugs do they eat and how many a night?
• On a good night, a healthy grown bat will eat at least 4,000 mosquito sized bugs.
• A single bat will much on at least 100 medium sized bugs in 1 hour.

Obviously this is a large number of insects in any account. Therefore the next most probable question would be where can all these bugs be found?

Where is all this food available?
Bats generally live in woodland areas that are near water bodies. Water bodies have the tendency to attract many insects that are dazzled by the reflect surfaces of the water. This obviously has a positive effect of attracting bats to the area.

Aren’t bugs beneficial to the environment?
They are. However, too much of anything has been known to bring discomfort and can also be dangerous to people around. Bugs too have that effect on the environment. This clearly brings the need to keep their population at manageable levels. While chemical or mechanical methods can be used, it is quite obvious that the most cost effective method to check their populations is to have their natural predators in the area. That is why bats are important to us.

How do we encourage bats?
If you have a problem with bugs and live near water bodies, the struggle to get bats into your area is not too much. However, for those who are further away, you may need to find way to relocate them into your area.

You can further encourage them by building bat habitats or homes for them. This enables the bats to have a safe home as they help you control bug populations in your area.

While it may sound like an easy job to do, it is not. You must seek guidance and authority from the wildlife control offices in your area. You must also understand what the law says about bat bites protocols.

Bats are people’s friends and helpers. What’s important is understanding how to conserve them. If all the bats in the world were to die, it would be a very bug filled world for all humanity.

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How many bugs per night do bats eat?

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