Home remedies to keep away bats and get rid of them

If you have discovered a bat infestation in your home, chances are, you are looking for a way to be rid of them. A Bat's nocturnal escapades can be extremely irritating and their feces and nesting debris stinks as well as being a health hazard. It is in your best interest to be rid of them as quickly as possible. Now you must decide how you want to pursue the bat’s eradication. If you prefer not to hire a professional to handle your problem, you can explore other options. You have probably heard that there several DIY methods designed to keep bats away, or even drive them off completely. Here are a few home remedies we have found the might help you in your quest. If you want to stay away from chemicals or things that must be ingested, you might try hanging aluminum foil or Mylar strips around your house.

The movement of the shiny strips makes the bats think they are being attacked, and they would rather leave than have a confrontation. Bats like darkness, peace, & quiet. Blinking Christmas lights, strobe lights, or constant bright light in the nesting area is said to run bats off as well. Here are some other popular home remedies. These “natural” repellents are supposed to be highly effective while remaining safe for you and the environment. Sprinkling mothballs or mothball crystals in the nest area and around the perimeter is said to dissuade bats. Ammonia is another natural remedy. The smell is said to assault their senses and drive them out. How do these work? Well… mothballs are a mixture of chemicals including naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene.

When exposed to warmer temperatures, these components can release irritating vapors when exposed to air. These vapors are naturally irritating to the bats eyes, lungs, and mucous membranes. Ammonia also releases vapors into the air that causes a prolonged burning of the eyes, nose, and soft tissues. The bats do not want to stay in an exposed area any longer than necessary. There are also sonic emitters that put out such a high-pitched sound that we humans cannot hear it, but it drives bats crazy.

If these DIY tricks do not fix your problem, you might need to consult a professional animal removal service. Any trained professional can handle your infestation in a quick and expert style that will not jeopardize you, the bats, or your home. They will quickly identify the problem area, and take action. They will not only get rid of the bats, but help you lay out a plan to prevent reinfestation as well. No matter which method you choose, remember the important message here is to be rid of the bats as soon as possible!

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Home remedies to keep away bats and get rid of them

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