Bat urine removal and urine stain removal

Bats are nocturnal creatures that generally feed of fruits and nuts or hunt smaller animals such as rodents. Overall, they are beneficial creatures for the ecosystems where they live, but can pose some health threats when in close contact with humans.

During the cold months, bats will seek dark warm places to take shelter in, so attics, basements, vents, and other small areas, may be susceptible to prolonged visits from these winged creatures. While bats will mostly avoid contact with humans, they may bite if they feel threatened. The bite in itself may not infect you with anything, but bat droppings are an excellent catalyst for the histoplasmosis fungus, the spores of which humans will then inhale and become infected.

Cleaning bat droppings and urine is absolutely essential after you’ve gotten rid of the infestation, to ensure that you and your family are safe from potentially lethal infections. Apart from this danger, bat droppings and urine are corrosive to wood and metal, compromising the integrity of you house; they attract smaller rodents and insects, and give off one of a very overpowering smell that permeates your whole house.

To remove the bat droppings, you must first make sure all the bats have been excluded. This is something that should be done by a professional, as killing the bats is not necessary or ideal Bats are indispensable for keeping the ecosystem balanced and keep little vermin in check. Once all the bats are gone, vacuum the loose droppings and scrub the floor with a strong cleaner, enzyme-based is recommended. Any soiled furniture should be thoroughly cleaned and the insulation replaced. Since bats mostly look for small cozy places like the attic there may be some hard to reach spots, use an electric atomizer and fog the whole area. This will help break down any organic matter and make the cleaning much easier. Be sure to use a biohazard mask and all the special equipment needed to avoid chemical burns or accidents.

After you have sanitized the area you will see that stains may remain. These are probably urine stains and must be removed, as bat urine is highly corrosive to wood and metal. It is important to scrub these areas thoroughly with the enzyme-based cleaner as soon as possible to avoid structural damage to rooftops, beams, doorframes or stairs. Fogging will sanitize the area, but it may not be enough to remove stains, don’t be afraid to scrub with a sponge or a course cloth. Remember that these cleaners are strong products designed to kill infectious bacteria, so you must use gloves, masks and hopefully a whole biohazard suite to avoid burns, allergic reactions and contamination.

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Bat urine removal and urine stain removal

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