How much does professional bird removal cost?

Birds can be fun to watch, and handy at keeping bugs to a minimum in your yard, but when your yard becomes taken over by them, or you discover them nesting in your attic, they must go… Birds defecate everywhere, they are noisy, and they can destroy a garden in no time.

There are many DIY methods and gadgets available on the market that claim to run birds off, and keep them away. If you are looking for a surefire way to be rid of birds, with no fuss, you should probably call a professional animal removal service. I’m sure you are wondering-;”how much will this cost me?” The price of bird exclusion depends on a number of things; how big is the structure how many birds are there? How difficult is the job? What species of bird are we looking at?

Average prices range from $300-$1,000. If a full exclusion must be performed in a large (say 5000+ sq feet) area,, then the price will be on the high end. If a large building requires an excessive amount of sealant work to be done, it could go up into the thousands...

If you are a homeowner with standard house and a common problem, you are looking at a modest price.

The type of bird is a consideration as well. A flock of pigeons may be harder to eradicate is they are well established. An invasion of geese may be a problem for you, but if they are nested, they could be protected by law. Woodpeckers bring a completely different set of problems with their infestation, namely the well-being of your trees, and your home’s wood siding. And so on and so on…

You can try some of the bird deterrents on the market. Mylar strips or shiny ribbon hung from trees is said to frighten birds away. So are rubber snakes and plastic owls or hawks. Sonic emitters are supposed to run off birds and keep them away. You can install bird spikes on your roof and windowsills, or a sticky gel designed to keep them from roosting on your roof. Even a good old-fashioned scarecrow can help to drive off birds. Covering your gardens with nets, eliminating standing water, and keeping bushes and trees trimmed will dissuade birds as well.

If none of these things work for you, and animal removal service might be what you need. Sometimes the actual cost of a service or item cannot be compared to the peace of mind it brings the consumer. If you are tired of bird droppings on your car and sidewalk, and the constant, squawking every morning and evening maybe you should call. You really cannot put a price on your comfort and peace of mind.

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How much does professional bird removal cost?

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