How to get rid of birds without killing them

Many folks work hard to attract birds to their yards. They install decorative feeders and elaborate birdbaths hoping to enjoy to the birds flitting around their yards. Birds can be very beneficial as natural pest control and as pollinators. Unfortunately, even the most talented songbird, or nimble flyer can become a problem for homeowners. When birds start annihilating plants and property, making nests in inconvenient areas, or dropping their feces on cars, patio furniture, and your house they are no longer fun to watch. You might decide that it is time for the birds to go. We have a simple plan for a 3-step solution to help you get rid of your bird menace.

Step 1
Birds have basic needs like all animals. A major need for all animals, including birds is food. The answer is simple: make food unavailable to them. Do not fill feeders. Pick up unattended pet food bowls. Secure all garbage, and cover your gardens, berry bushes, and any fruit trees. If you do not want to cover your plants, install scarecrows or metal pans on strings to scare them away. After trying to find food for a few days, the birds will soon realize there is none available. Once they realize food is scarce, the birds will move on in search of grounds that are more fertile.

Step 2
The second priority for life is water. Birds need it for both drinking and bathing. Remove all standing water. Water not only gives birds water to drink and bathe, it also breeds mosquitoes they can eat. If you are not willing to remove all outside water sources like pools, ponds, and fountains, then try adding plastic owls, rubber snakes, or spinning whirligigs, and wind chimes to scare the birds away.

Step 3
The final need for birds is a safe place to roost and raise their young... simple changes to your landscaping can make your property less attractive for nesting. Birds usually prefer dense cover in which to build their nest. Removing thick brush, dense thickets, and dead trees for nesting and protection will dissuade birds form staying. Clean up your yard and eliminate all likely spots birds can hide in and breed. This will encourage your feathered friends to move on.

If you try all these things and you still have a bird problem, you might want to enlist the aid of a professional. Wild animal removal services specialize in all types of nuisance animals, including birds. They will assess your needs, and help you get rid of your birds quickly and with no stress to you. They can also help protect your home from future problems.

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How to get rid of birds without killing them

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