Black pepper and rats

Black pepper is one of the most beloved spices in the world. It is used in cooking, on raw foods, and in drinks to add a dash of spice to ordinary fare. While nearly all people enjoy a dash of fresh black pepper, many wild animals do not feel the same. Experts and consumers alike swear by black pepper for getting rid of rats. Just leaving a small dish of the pungent spice lying about is supposed to be enough to ward them away. Black pepper is not the only culinary component that is hailed as a humane and al natural vermin repellent. Hot peppers like cayenne or ghost peppers (the hotter the better) made into a spray is supposed to keep rats away. You can also mix up a concoction of peppermint oil, and vinegar. By simply spraying it around the exterior of your home, this is supposed to run them off a keep them away. Planting peppermint plants around your home, or laying out anything peppermint (candies, oil tea, et.) is said to run off rats too.

The rats cannot abide the smell of onions. Just place a slice near a rat’s whole and he will quickly move out. Many people say that Bay leaves are another kitchen solution for getting rid of rats, but it is not as humane as the others. Rats see a bay leaf as food (they enjoy nuts, seeds, and leaves from plants). Unfortunately, for the rat, bay leaves are poisonous to them. The rat eats the bays leaves and then goes off to die. There are a number of Solutions that that you can find in other parts of your home as well. Ammonia and detergent make a potion said to run off rats. Mix a couple spoons of detergent with one cup of ammonia and a splash of water. You can either leave this sitting near their holes in a bowl, or put in a spray bottle and spray your baseboards. Mothballs thrown either in your attic or under your house are said to drive them away too. If you know where their holes are, stuff steel wool in the opening. Its composition makes it hard for them to chew, and the idea is that they will eventually give up and go away.
Other less common items that are said to work are:

Snips of human hair sprinkled around their burrows,

An owl feather hung near their entrance to scare them,

Cow dung which they eat and it makes them sick,

A dried snake skin because a snake is a natural enemy

Some used cat litter spread outside your home for the same reason above
If you try all these remedies and are still suffering with rats, you might want to contact a professional service in your area.

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Black pepper and rats

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