How Long Does it Take to Remove Squirrels in a Building?

Squirrels can be one of the peskiest wildlife animals that you will have to deal with in your home: from the damage that they can cause throughout your home, to the mess that they can make, to the fact that they breed twice per year, there are many reasons to wonder about getting a squirrel out of your home before they can make their nests more permanent. There are multiple ways to get rid of squirrels, especially using humane methods, that will get rid of squirrels in your home within a couple of days, with little effort, and without having to worry about cleaning up squirrels that have died.

The first thing that you will need to determine when dealing with squirrels in your home, to trap them, is to identify how the squirrels are making their way into your home; squirrels will usually not make their own holes, but will often come into the home through holes that already exist in your walls or roof- even using holes in your foundation to gain access to your home. The first way to find the holes, is to start by looking closely around your home, keeping in mind that squirrels can gain access through holes as small as a coin. If you are still having problems, you can even rent a black light, to pick up the traces of urine and droppings that will be prevalent around the entrance to the squirrels’ hideout.

Once you have located the way that squirrels are gaining access to your home, then you should decide the best way for you to trap them. There are many options when this question comes up, depending on how quickly you want the squirrels gone, as well as how humanely you would like them to be driven out. One of the most popular options tends to be poison, however, this can take up to three days to take effect on the first squirrel- with more time for subsequent ones- as well as causing the need for the removal of the squirrel’s bodies when they are all passed, which can be both time-consuming, and smelly.

Another option, both faster and more humane, is trapping the squirrels. Non-lethal traps can be found online, as well as in many brick-and-mortar stores, often coming in multiple sizes for any rodents, up to a size for skunks and other large-sized pests. Bait these traps with foods such as peanut butter, or other nuts or chocolate, which are often squirrels’ favorite treats, and set them adjacent to walls right outside the squirrels’ hideout. These traps will often get rid of all the rats within a day or so, and allow you the option to take them to a wooded area to release them.

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How Long Does it Take to Remove Squirrels in a Building?

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