What to do about a cage-shy (hard to trap) wild animal

Why You Need to Get Rid of Wild Animals Almost every person in the world will experience its home getting invaded by wild animals. This mostly happens because people don’t pay attention to their property’s surroundings and they leave food droppings and open trash cans that invite wild animals to human dwellings.

There are really simple ways how one can stop a wild animal from invading its property. However, it is too late to take action and prevent wild animal invasion when the animal already invades your property. Once a wild animal invades your property, you are facing a big challenge. You must immediately take action to get rid of the animal until it starts to wreak havoc. Wild animals are capable of causing enormous damage whose repair will cost you a fortune. These animals are also capable of transmitting various diseases onto you and that is why you should get rid of wild animals on your property as soon as possible.

You Can’t Catch Them All
No one ever caught a wild animal in a wild animal the first day of setting the trap. It takes time for a wild animal to approach the trap and get lured inside of it. This comes from the fact that all wild animals are incredibly intelligent creatures. However, you are at problem if the wild animal on your property is extremely intelligent.

There are some wild animals which are extremely intelligent and which refuse to approach traps. Such wild animals are called cage-shy or trap-shy wild animals. These animals have a couple of reasons for why they won’t approach your trap.

Why They Won’t Approach to a Trap?
Extremely intelligent wild animals won’t approach your trap for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons a wild animal won’t approach your trap is because the animal will sense the human smell on the trap. This will signalize the animal that the trap was most certainly touched by a human who is about to catch it.

However, there are ways how you can mask the smell you left on your trap and lure a cage-shy animal into the trap.

How to Trap a Cage-Shy Animal
The best way to trap a cage-shy animal is to boil your trap in walnut bark. Walnut bark contains chemicals that mask any scent, including human scent. Once you boiled your trap in walnut bark, dry it and set it up again. Then you will be able to catch a cage-shy animal.

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What to do about a cage-shy (hard to trap) wild animal

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