Are cage traps a good option for rodents? (Sometimes, but relocated rodents rarely survive)

Cage trapping the rodents is a very useful and highly applicable idea. This can work with great accuracy especially if you want to catch the live rodent animals. Usually people are against the killing of animals and want to trap them live and then they get rid of them by means of exclusion procedures. Usually the professionals think the idea of trapping the rodents live is more applicable if you are going to relocate them and then you can carry out the exclusion as well. This will make your house finally rodent proof. Usually killing the animals is not preferred because it cannot guarantee the complete eradication of animals from your place. In fact, if it is aimed to relocate the rodents, then it is better to trap them live. After the animals are trapped alive, they should be relocated at once otherwise they can escape from the trap and run away. It will be further difficult to catch the rodents second time because they will get to know about these traps and will not go near them the next time.

What should be the size of cage traps?
It depends on the kind of animal which you are intending to trap. The cage traps which are aimed at trapping the rats and squirrels are not of large size. However if you are aiming at trapping the large sized rodents like skunks, then it is better to take the large sized traps. Basically it is recommended to use large sizes of traps for all the rodents because you may not know how many animals are being trapped in the cage at the moment. If you are aiming at trapping the rats then you should install more than one trap at a time at different places so that you can increase the chances of trapping the animals at a time.

What is the efficiency of cage traps?
As far as the efficiency of the cage traps is concerned, it is shown by the experience of many people that these traps are not meant to trap the large animals. Rats are the rodents which can understand very easily and can become cautions of the traps and cages present nearby. Therefore this technique cannot be much effective in the long run and one has to look for other alternative options. If the rodents like squirrels an rats are kept for a long time in cage, they may also die due to starvation or fear.

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Are cage traps a good option for rodents? (Sometimes, but relocated rodents rarely survive)

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