What is canine distemper?

Introduction This is a disease that usually affects different wild species and families. These usually include the canine type of animals and are dogs, and to include on the list, some species of the wild animals including the raccoons, the wolves, and such like animals. It is a disease that you’d not wish your pet dog to have since to present day, no cure has been found for this dangerous disease.

Symptoms to observe

There are some symptoms that you will observe with the disease once it presents itself to the animal. Here are some of the signs;
• Indication of the canine distemper includes sniffing as the prime sign.
• Hacking is another common prime sign of the canine distemper.
• Discharge of a thick bodily fluid from the eyes and from the nose.
• Sudden fever that normally, it is not accounted for.
• Torpidity is another common sign that you will see from the affected dog.
• The animal will have a sudden retching and loose bowels.
• Lose of craving and gloom is yet another sign that you will observe from the animal.

If you happen to notice a combination of these signs, then your dog or the wild animal you have been seeing in your compound has this dangerous disease.

Contracting of the disease
Normally, the infection will be passed from the canine to pooch and this normally happens through the direct contact with the crisp pee. Other contracting agents include the blood or the spit. Despite having said that, other common contracting agents that are so common include the wheezing, hacking and sharing nourishment and water bowls. These are some of the common under looked ways through which the canine distemper will get inside the body of the animal.

Taking the animal to the vet
In the even that you even have a wild guess that your dog has the canine distemper, you should immediately take it to the vet. Do not wait. It is one of the disease that will spread throughout the animal’s body very fast. The good thing is that there are some tests which are done to the animal to verify the availability of the disease in the animal’s body. One quick test alone may not do you good but again, the vet has to take a look at the entire body and verify the spread of the disease. Therefore, if you have been speculating that your dog has this dangerous disease, then take it to the vet immediately.

Take serious precaution to guard your pet against this dangerous and infectious disease. Once the puppies get the disease, they will get extremely debilitated and reversing them becomes hectic. Therefore, take necessary precaution and you pets will be safer.

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What is canine distemper?

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