What If You Are Bitten By a Stray Cat?

Handling a stray cat you found in your house like your pet cat can result to bite. Remember, stray cats mostly start to assume similar character like wild cats due to the fact that they do not have the usual close relationship with human again. More so, since stray cats have lacked human care for long time it is possible that they have contacted different kinds of diseases without treatment. The cat can even carry rabies and other dangerous wild animal diseases making it important for you to act fast when you get a bitten by stray cat.

Wash Injury Cause by Stray Cat Bite with Soap and Running Water
If you are bitten by animal the first thing you need to do is to wash off the surface of the injury using running water and soap. This will help to protect you from any kind of secondary infection that can result due to lack of proper care for animal bite wound. Knowing the stray cat can carry different kinds of diseases you should be more serious while handling injury caused by the bite.

Clean Up the Wound Properly To Reduce Risk of Tetanus Which Is More Likable To Cat Bite
If you get a stray cat bite in the night when you will not be able to visit your doctor, you should treat yourself using first aid equipment. After washing the surface using soap and running water the next thing should be to use some antiseptic like dettol, iodine to clean up the surface also. This will help to protect the surface of the wound before you see your doctor.

The Symptoms of Cat Bite You Need To Know
There are some symptoms you will begin to see or feel when you get a bite from a stray cat. Some of these symptoms include: Swollen bite area, redness and others. So, when you start to experience or witness any of the abovementioned you have to consult your doctor as quickly as possible. Also, you should know that delay before treatment can result to deformity in the bite area.

Visit Your Doctor for Treatment against Bacterial Infection
While stray cats are not likely to carry rabies it is important for you to know that a bite from them can cause tetanus which is another dangerous or and even fatal diseases. Your doctor will know the best drug or shot to administer to you depending on the nature of stray cat bite on your body.

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What If You Are Bitten By a Stray Cat?

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