Do cats keep rats and mice away?

We have all heard that cats and mice/rats are natural enemies. There are bedtime stories, nursery rhymes, and even cartoons that show the lifelong animosity between the two. While not all cats have a natural propensity for catching mice, if you are lucky enough, there is no better environmental extermination technique for ridding your home of unwanted mice or rats than a cat. By nature, Cats are territorial, do not want other creatures around their food or preferred areas, and have a natural inclination for chasing things that run away. All these things make them a perfect choice. The drawbacks to getting a cat to be your personal exterminator is that now you feed care for, and house a cat, there is no guarantee that your frisky feline is an instinctive mouser. To improve odds that your pussycat can take care of those rascally rodents a shelter cat from the streets or a cat that has lived outside is a great choice.

These types of cat tend to come with a keen sense of observation, and have most likely hunted most of their lives for or food or sport. This is the type of cat that will be inclined to go after your unwanted guests, and eliminate them for good. Many of us want to start with a kitten so we can raise it. Remember while a kitten, will loves to run after and play with things, it must learn to be a hunter. If you already cat in your family and it is not the hunting type, you might consider getting a firmed. If two cats are not in your plans, there are ways to improve your feline’s hunting instincts. Some tricks to use to encourage your kitty to go after mice is to play with or feed the in an area with signs of frequent mouse activity. This might awaken its hunting instincts, and mice do not want to hang out in places frequented by cats. Encourage your cat to “rub” against things in your home.

The cat smell will make the mice nervous, and they move on. Praise your cat if it does chase or catch a mouse. This will encourage hunting. NEVER put out poison, or leave out traps if you have a cat for hunting rodents! This is a creature that wants to become a part of your family. It depends on you for attention and care. If your rodent infestation is too serious, you may have t bypass the idea of a cat, and contact a professional to help you with your problem. A rodent problem is a serious health and danger issue for every member of your family. Do not delay is being rid of even one mouse or rat!

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Do cats keep rats and mice away?

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