How Do I Clean Wild Animal Feces Out Of My Attic

When you have wild animal in your attic one of the things they can do is to load the attic with their feces. Most of the wild animals are even fund of causing serious damages to things in the attic with their urine and droppings. The issue with the droppings is that they usually contain some deadly and dangerous parasites. So, to avoid getting infected with the disease caused by bacterial, virus and parasites in wild animal feces, you have to go ahead and try as much as possible to clean off the feces from your attic. This post is dedicated to provide you with tips on how to clean wild animal feces out of your attic with ease.

Remove the small solid feces and handpick the large ones
The very first thing you should do when you want to get rid of wild animal feces out of attic is to remove the small solid and large ones first. Before going ahead to pick out the solid droppings in your attic you should protect yourself properly. Some of the things you need to ensure proper protection include nose mask, hand glove and others. Just ensure that you protect yourself so as to avoid being infected with disease caused by wild animals.

Get rid of nesting materials around your attic
If you have rodents and other wild animals in your attic, there is likelihood that the animal can litter everywhere with bite of nesting materials. So, try as much as you can to remove the littered materials around to ensure the entire place is clean and free from dirt.

Remove the insulated materials that have been soiled with feces
When you have wild animal in your attic one of the thing that will be heavily affected is your insulation materials. They will surely be soiled with the droppings making everywhere really dirty and smelly. Take the soiled insulation material and replace it with new and clean one.

Fog and also sanitize the area with quality BioShield
Now, you should go ahead and fog and sanitize the entire place using quality antimicrobial spray such as Bac-Azap or BioShield spray. After you are done with sanitizing the entire place, the next thing you should do is to deodorize the place. That will give you better opportunity to make sure that entire place is well cleaned and free from wild animal feces.

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How Do I Clean Wild Animal Feces Out Of My Attic

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