Are coyotes dangerous to cats, dogs, or other pets?

A Rare Danger to Humans Everyone already knows that coyotes are rarely a danger to humans unless the wild animal is intentionally provoked. When they are provoked, coyotes may retaliate.

Coyotes usually feed on animals such as fish, rodents, frogs, and other small animals. One interesting thing about a coyote’s diet is that these wild animals also feed on worms in the ground.

Coyotes and Diseases
People should be aware that coyotes carry a number of life-threatening diseases that affect both humans and animals. One relieving factor, though, is that coyote diseases aren’t easily transmitted to humans and pets. The best and only way to prevent contracting diseases that coyotes bear is to stay away from coyotes and to prevent them from invading your property.

However, there is one mistake that humans make when it comes to dealing with coyotes. Most humans start to feel endangered when they see coyotes thinking that coyote will immediately attack them so they attack them first. However, coyotes usually never attack first. A coyote must be provoked in order to attack. This also implies on coyote-pet encounters because coyotes usually don’t attack pet dogs and pet cats until they provoke the wild animal.

Your Pets and Coyotes
You should know that your pets are almost completely safe from coyotes. Why is that so? Well, this comes from the fact that pets such as dogs and cats aren’t a part of a coyote’s natural diet and they aren’t a coyote’s usual prey.

This means that coyote will only attack a pet dog or a cat if the pet starts the fight first. Both cats and dogs are prone to attacking coyotes because they feel threatened by such wild animals. Once they get involved in a fight with coyotes, pet dogs and cats end up severely hurt and bitten. However, this only implies to smaller cats and dogs because larger pet dogs and cats are practically immune to coyotes. If your pet dog or pet cat ever gets bitten or scratched by a coyote, you should immediately take it to a vet because coyotes carry diseases and parasites such as heartworm, Scarcoptic Mange, Rabies, Tularemia, and Canine Hepatitis.

Domestic Animals
Although coyotes only pose a slight danger to pets, they are a real threat to domestic animals such as cows, sheep, hens, horses, and other domestic animals.

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Are coyotes dangerous to cats, dogs, or other pets?

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