How to Get a Dead Animal Out Of Your Car

Rodents and other kind of animals can get into your car and die there causing serious smell and discomfort. It is a small rodent like rat and mice you may find it difficult locating where the animal entered and die in order to remove the carcass. But the problem is not just removing the carcass but also in getting rid of the smell which can take over the entire car at least for some days or even weeks depending on the size of the dead animal. So, this article is going to provide you information on how to get a dead animal out of your car with ease.

Find the Dead Animal Following the Direction of the Odor
The first thing you need to do is to get in search of the dead animal in your car. You must have flashlight, face mask, rubber or plastic gloves and plastic bags handy. These are to make it easy for you to protect yourself from direct contact with the dead animal when you find it and also to ensure proper disposal. Since you do not know the animal that dead the search can be more difficult as you have to search virtually everywhere.

Check the AC Blower
One of the places you need to search when you are looking for dead animal in your car is the ac blower, condenser, radiator and others. These are among the places most rodents like rats and mice normally craw into while in a car. If the smell is becoming more intense when you put on AC then you have to go straight to the AC blowing as that may be the place the animal is.

Confirm Whether the Dead Animal Is Inside the Manifold
If you have search at the AC blow without being to find the animal or you have removed some but the odor still persist seriously, you have to go ahead and check the manifold. Rodents always love the warmness of manifold when they get into a car. That is why you have to flash your light inside the manifold to find out whether that is where the dead animal is.

After Removing the Animal Clean Up and Get Odor Neutralizer
If you succeed in finding the animal and removing the carcass then you have to plan on how to deal with the smell. You can Google for any food odor neutralizer or just go for enzyme based odor neutralizer.

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How to Get a Dead Animal Out Of Your Car

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