Dead dog removal services – who do I call?

There are many companies all over the country dedicated to the removal of dead animals. Most people consider their pets as family, so when they die the question of what to do with the remains can be a very emotional matter and not something decided on lightly.

When you have a dead dog that you need to dispose of on your hands you have many options as to what to do.

The most basic thing you can do is call your vet’s office. They may have a pick-up service and will come and take the remains of the dog and keep it for a few days until you decide what to do. If the dog isn’t too big, some people choose to dispose of it with the rest of the organic trash. It has to be very tightly wrapped in a blanket and in a black bag. The city waste disposal will then take it and put it in the land fill. Other people choose to bury it themselves in their back yard or a special place they shared with the pet. Before doing this, you must check your city’s permits as some will not allow it.

You can also call the Bureau of Sanitation of any major city, they will come and collect the dog’s remains free of charge. They do not, however, offer cremation or burial services and don’t return the ashes of your pet to you.

Most dog owners look for a professional dog removal service that will supply more than just the technicalities of disposing for your dog’s body. Every city has different pet after-care companies that provide different services. Most companies offer a wide range of services, from pick up, to arranging memorial ceremonies for the last good bye.

With them you can choose between cremation or burial, you can pick out an appropriate urn or casket for the remains of your pet, choose if you want to keep the ashes or dispose of them in a private ceremony with your family and decide the burial details if that’s the way you want to go.

Most of these companies offer after-care packages that you can reserve years in advance so that when the time comes, the difficult decisions have been made before hand and you will be free to grieve.

Most vet clinics and pet shelters have close relationship with pet after-care companies and will be able to help you contact them and choose what the best option is for you and your family as you say goodbye to a beloved pet. You may even find that some after-care companies offer special prices if you come recommended by your vet.

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Dead dog removal services – who do I call?

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