Dead pet disposal costs

When a pet dies, there are many options as to how to dispose of it. If they were put to sleep at the vet clinic, most people will decide to leave them there to be disposed of in a mass incineration. Others choose to bury their best friend in the back yard with a little family ceremony and home-made grave. Most of us would love to give our pets a proper send off with a funeral, casket, and reading or heart-felt speech, and hopefully in a pet cemetery.

Most, if not all of these choices of disposing of your pet have costs that can vary, depending on where you live, what you decide to do who you do it with. The back-yard burial seems like the least expensive option. All you need is a blanket, a carboard box and some stones to mark the grave. If you choose to dispose of your pet in a practical manner, the Bureau of Sanitation in your city can take away the remains free of charge, but that will not offer the closure you may feel you need.

When it comes to the cost of disposing of a dead pet, there are various factors you have to take into account. The pick-up, cremation, burial, urn or casket each have individual prices that can raise the total cost. Urns can range in prices starting at $50. Remembrance jewelry prices start at $12. The pick-up can range between $50 and $100 and the cremation prices start at around $200. Most companies offer you a full package price with everything included, you can even hire a photographer. Full pet funerals prices start around $500 and go up to $4,000 or even more depending on what you choose.

The fact is pets become part of the family and as such, most pet owners feel the need to give them a proper send off. But not everyone is willing or able to invest thousands of dollars in disposing of their beloved pet. Either with a big investment in ensuring that the pet gets the funeral the owners feel it deserves, or with a simple home ceremony in the back of the yard, or even a tearful farewell at the vet; each option is a perfectly valid way of saying goodbye and everyone does what they can in the process of giving them a final send off.

The market offers all kinds of options with many different prices and packages, so that everyone can have the opportunity of saying goodbye to their loyal companions with dignity and heartfelt acts of love. It doesn’t have to be an expensive event, you decide what’s best for you, your family and your pet.

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Dead pet disposal costs

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