How to dispose of a dead cat

As all pet owners know, humans get very emotionally attached to their pets. They also know that most humans outlive their pets and that means someday having to face the fact that your cat or dog will die and you’ll be faced with a situation you may not have been prepared to handle.

Most cats are very independent and like going outside to explore and hunt. This means that they are at risk of suffering accidents like being run over, mauled by a bigger cat or a dog, or even getting poisoned. Accidents can even happen inside the home to cats that never go outside.

After the initial shock of seeing your cat dead, you’re going to have to decide what to with the body. It is a good idea to have after-care arrangements in place before the death of a beloved pet, but most people don’t so quick thinking is needed when the time does come to dispose of the remains.

Make sure you are not alone! This is very important as you will probably be in no emotional state to make difficult decisions or think clearly. Having someone there to hold your hand and make phone calls will ease the you through this process.

The first thing you must do is call your vet. Most vets have 24/7 service and will talk you through what you need to do. Check for a pulse, it may be that your cat needs urgent veterinary care and is not yet dead, quick action could prevent a fatality. If you’re sure it’s dead, wrap it tightly in a blanket and decide with your vet if they are going to pick up the body or if you have to take it in yourself. They will tag the body and keep it in a special freezer for up to a couple of days until you decide what the final disposal arrangements will be.

There are pet cremation and pet burial companies in most cities, some even have pet cemeteries, so be sure to ask your vet about these if he or she has not already mentioned them. Most of them have a pick-up service and offer a wide range of urns, caskets, graves and even ceremonies to help you say your last goodbye.

If you’re burying a feral cat that you found near your house or for financial reasons you cannot arrange for any of these options, you can dispose of the cat by wrapping it in a blanket and putting it in a black tightly tied bag. The waste management department of most cities will take small animals and either put them in the land fill or place them in a special land fill apart from the main trash.

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How to dispose of a dead cat

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