Do dogs keep rats and mice away?

Most people think or cats as the natural born enemy of mice and rats. While this can be true given cats inherent love of hunting and chasing things, another animal can be a great “ratter”. We bet you did not know that there quite a few dog breeds bred specifically for rodent control. These dogs are bred for their size, swiftness, ferocity, and natural love of hunting. If you think, a dog would be a good choice for rodent control here are some breeds for your consideration.

Terriers- early 1900s the English enjoyed a betting sport called rat baiting. A “ratter” (usually a type of terrier) would be placed in a pit, and then a number of rats or mice would be released in to the same pit. Bets were then placed on how many rodents the dog would kill in the allotted time. These particular terriers became known as Rat Terriers. The terrier breed is now widely diverse including; Cairns, Jack Russell terriers, Scottish terriers and a few other types that share a love of hunting rodents. These dogs have a proud work history. They were used during the times of plague to hunt diseased rats, employed on farms protect the crops and feed, in stables to keep the vermin from the horses, and used in upper class homes to protect the family home from rats and mice By nature terriers are extremely high- energy, a trait that makes them great hunters, but can be troublesome at times. They are known great pets for kids, but do not usually care for other pets.

Dachshunds – Also called “weenie-dogs” because of their long and lean shape were specially bred to flush out underground dwellers the can run animals out of burrows, tunnels and other small spaces. These dogs have a natural love of hunting. They live to chase prey, and dig them out of holes. Their sense of hearing and smell is surpassed by only a few tracking breeds. Dachshunds very laid back and have loving natures. This is a great dog for children and multi- pet families, but they really love to dig!

Papillion- These are compact little powerhouses of the dog world. This breed is known for its amazing rodent eliminating abilities. They rarely catch mice or rats, but their power lies in the fact that they hunt and harass them so much the rodents stay away.

This good-natured dog loves to play. As a breed Papillion tend to suffer from separation anxiety, and they require grooming to maintain their long hair.

The up side to using a dog for pest rodent control is that you have an ecologically friendly rodent exterminator on the clock 24/7. Just remember, your four-legged friend, wants to be loved by you, and will think of itself part of your family, not just your rat catcher.

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Do dogs keep rats and mice away?

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