What Problem Do Elephant Cause To People?

Elephant is a large grayish brown or gray colored animal with prominent ears, flexible trunk, pointed truck, thick legs and skin. This animal is special and do not find trouble unnecessarily and in most case do not easily get aggressive against fellow animal as well as human. More so, elephant is known to be native Africa as well as South Asia with their special habitat inside the forest. However, encroachment of human activities to forest has resulted to elephant conflicting with human. You will find out more about the problem elephant do cause to people through the content of this article.

Elephant Can Raid Crop Causing Damages to People
The damages caused each year in some parts of Africa and South Asia to human by elephant can amount to millions of dollars. Elephant invading farm land can be highly problematic as it can use the large body, thick legs to raid the crops in the farms. Most Farmers in Africa have experienced serious loss in their farm produce due to single visit of elephant in their farm. This is the reason why some farmers start hunting against elephant even illegally to save their crops from serious damages.

Elephant Can Cause Injuries to People
Apart from elephants raiding and damaging crops in the farm it can also cause serious injury to human. Elephant do not see human as its good neighbor and can easily cause serious damage if anybody blocked its way from causing the damage it want to cause at any point in time. There are records of people sustaining serious injuries through conflict with elephant.

Elephant Conflict to Human Can Result To Death
When some people hear about protecting elephant species so s to avoid extinction they will wonder whether elephant is more valuable to human being. This is because in some cases elephants can get into a village causing serious damage and even killing anyone that happens to stand against it in conflict. Some children have been killed in some parts of Africa through elephant conflict with human being.

Elephant Can Contaminate Drinking Water for People in the Rural Areas
Most times elephants can get into source of good drinking water for people in rural areas to forage for food. In the process of foraging inside the stream or smaller pond of water the elephant can contaminate the water causing serious damage to human.

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What Problem Do Elephant Cause To People?

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