How to Inspect a House for Rodent Entry Holes

Do you have rodent infestation in your house and wondering the best way to solve the problem? Are you looking for the best way to completely eradicate rats and mice in your property? Then the secret is to first of all inspect your house for rodent entry holes. Your ability to find the possible entry point of rodent into your house will increase your chance of forcing them to go away. This article is dedicated to introduce you to tips on how to inspect a house for rodent entry holes.

Check Every Part of the Building
One thing you need to know while inspecting your house against rodent entry points and holes is that there is no exception to the places you need to check. You have to check the entire house, the facial of the house from the exterior as well as the interior of the house. Check the corners, the areas where block or brick joined with another. By the time you go round the entire house you will be able to find some holes through rodent rodents are gaining access to your house

Consider the Tiny Holes Up To 5/8 Inch Size Hole
While searching round the house you should not only put your eyes and mind on big holes as some rodents like rats and mice can squeeze their body through unimaginable tiny holes. Mark the holes as tiny as 5/8 inch as some smaller rats and mice can get into your house through such tiny hole.

Check for Droppings and Chewing On Things Around
It is truth that rat and other rodents can easily make holes on your walls when they want to gain access yet there are other wild animals that do same. For that reason, to be sure that it is rodent that made the holes you can look for the droppings. Rats, mice and other rodents normally drop feces in the entry point and even end up in gnawing and chewing things up in any place they finds themselves. For that reason you can find out whether rodent is responsible for a particular hole or not through the chewing and droppings.

Check for the Pipes Up To the Wall In The Case Of Poor Wall Ceiling
If your wall to that ceiling is made poorly rats can follow through to move into your ceiling. So, you must look out for any kind of opening on the piles that run from the ground to the walls and ceiling. Also, you should know that rodents have sharp strong incisors which they can use to chew through walls, pipes and other materials.

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How to Inspect a House for Rodent Entry Holes

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