Fastest way to get rid of bats:

You might think that you would never have to worry about bats coming to roost in your attic, since, when you think of bats, you might normally picture them in a cave somewhere. However, while they often do prefer caves to sleep and raise their young, there are species of bats that can roost in almost any environment, if it is both dark and shut-in. This flexibility can also put your attic at risk of having a colony of bats, meaning anywhere from forty to twenty-thousand bats, which can cause extensive damage to your home.

There are three main ways to see if bats are taking over your home. Generally, you should be able to see bat activity during the night time, and will often see them from the ground at your roof space flying around. You may also notice bat droppings during the day, or smell them, as well as hearing them move around- generally a scratching noise or noises like something flying around in your attic.

There are five simple steps for taking care of bat colonies in your attic, chimney, or crawlspace. Generally, these are the same rules that should be applied to most other rodents, with a few exceptions. You should first find both the entry and exit points that bats might favor, however do not seal these points off- due to the mass amounts of bats that colonize at one time, the smell from a colony of dead bats can easily render the home unlivable.

Bat removal will often also depend on your location. If you live in a state that experiences a cold season, then the bats will migrate when the temperatures drop, allowing you to seal up the cracks and prevent them from coming back. However, if your state generally experiences mild temperatures all year round, then you might have to call in some professional help, as the bats will not feel the need to migrate.

One of the best ways to get rid of bats is to set up exclusion traps and doors near the point of entry for the bats. These entry points will often be easily identifiable through urine stains, as well as bat droppings- the best indicators that bats are coming and going through these points. Also, outfit yourself with thick gloves and a respiratory mask when dealing with the traps, to protect yourself from bites that could transmit both diseases, as well as rabies.

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Fastest way to get rid of bats:

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