Fastest way to get rid of raccoons:

Raccoons are one of the most easily recognizable pests in the wild today, and one of the most difficult to get rid of, as well as one of the ones that is the most dangerous to your home, your family, and your pets. If you think that you have raccoons, there are a few different ways to take care of them, from trapping them to ensuring that they do not feel welcome.

One of the fastest ways to get rid of raccoons is by trapping them; make sure when picking out a trap that it is big enough, as well as solidly constructed. Also, before attempting to remove a raccoon yourself, make sure to check local laws, as relocating and trapping raccoons is illegal in most states without a permit.

When setting out a trap, there are many things that can be used as bait, depending on what you feel like putting out, or what you have lying around. In general, most professionals suggest putting out either wet or dry cat food, as these are raccoons’ favorite treats. If you are in an area with a large population of feral cats, though, this might not be an option for you, and you should consider other ones. Marshmallows are another treat that can be used to bait traps, without the worry of catching the wrong animal, as cats hate the taste and smell of these candies.

Generally, these traps will work quickly, within one to two days, after which you should consider relocation methods for these animals, in order to keep them away from your home, and out of your garbage cans, for good.

When transporting raccoons, you should ensure that the cage you are using is solid, as raccoons like to bite when they are threatened. You should also make sure to release the animal at least ten miles away from your home, in an area that would be raccoon-friendly, such as a patch of woods or an area with lots of fields. When releasing your trapped animal, as well, be extremely careful, as they will possibly try to bite.

Raccoons can be a difficult problem to homeowners, often causing a good amount of destruction, as well as some large messes in your home and yard that need to be cleaned up. If you are dealing with raccoons, don’t worry, if you can trap them, you will not have to worry about the furry bandits bothering you anymore.

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Fastest way to get rid of raccoons:

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