Fastest way to get rid of rats:

No one likes rats, especially when these furry rodents have invaded your home. These furry little problems can cause dangerous problems with your home, including chewing through wires and opening your home to potential fire hazards, as well as spread disease, making your entire family, as well as pets, sick. If you worry that you might have a rat infestation, there are multiple ways that you can get rid of them, some slower than others. However, there are also multiple ways that you can both get rid of rats quickly, and humanely.

One of the fastest, most effective ways of getting rid of rats is by setting snap traps. These traps can be baited with any kind of food that the rats might enjoy: bacon, grease, sweets such as chocolate, even peanut butter. These traps should be plentiful when set, with experts suggesting using up to a dozen at a time to ensure that the rats will get caught. Set these traps all around the areas that these rats enjoy frequenting, setting them up at least a day after you first suspect rats to let them get into their pattern of travel. Trap death also carries the advantage of being one of the least cruel, fastest ways to kill a rat, as the death comes immediately, without suffering.

There are many other ways to repel rats from your home, as well as kill them if they ingest the ingredients, which may be beneficial to you as well.

One of the only plants that rats both can’t stand the smell of, as well as being highly lethal to rats, is peppermint. Arrange a few mint leaves near the rat’s tunnels, as well as the areas that you suspect they might be nesting in, and watch the rats scurry out of your home in search of safer pastures. Bay leaf, onions, and peppers are also effective to kill rats, and can be used plentifully around the home without worries of affecting your children. If using onions, though, be warned that this is also lethal to dogs and cats, so make sure to set them in areas that your pets might not frequent.

There are many ways to get rid of rats that have decided to infest your home or attic- most of them lethal and quick-acting. If you are having issues with a rat infestation, do not hesitate, but use these tricks and tips as quickly as possible to avoid problems later.

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Fastest way to get rid of rats:

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