Fastest way to get rid of a skunk:

Skunks, despite popular opinion, are one of the most difficult creatures to live with in and around your home. On top of the destruction that they will wreck on your lawn and garden while foraging for food, there is also the worry of being sprayed if coming up on them quickly. These nocturnal foragers are one of the easiest creatures to get rid of without the worry of being hit with their pungent spray, though, which means that you can get rid of them quickly, becoming a happy homeowner again.

One of the best deterrents to skunks staying on your property is also one of the simplest: add light. Skunks are primarily nocturnal creatures, and detest lights, often staying away from locations that are well lit. Adding motion-sensor lights to your home, as well as placing lights on your lawn will keep the skunks from making their home in your yard or home. You can also use this same methodology with motion-activated sprinklers- skunks generally hate water, making the sprinklers an easy way to repel them from nesting on your property.

One of the best, most effective ways of getting rid of any kind of wildlife is, of course, through trapping them. Remember, though, that you should always get a cage that is large enough for the skunk, and should always consider non-lethal ways of getting rid of skunks, as it is illegal to kill them during certain times of year in most areas.

One of the main convenience points of using a trap is that, if you stay out of their eyesight, they are less likely to spray. If you are worried about a skunk defensively spraying you, though, there are many traps sold that have solid pieces, or you can throw a towel over the entire trap when transporting it. Move the trap at least ten feet away from your home, into a heavily wooded area, to keep the skunk from coming back into your home. When moving the trap, though, you should place it into the back of a pickup truck- skunks will not often spray inside of a car, but it does happen on occasion.

There are many non-lethal ways to take care of skunks that have made their way onto your property. Between techniques that will drive them away, to traps that will make sure they can’t come back, there are lots of options for homeowners dealing with a smell little problem.

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Fastest way to get rid of a skunk:

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