What Is a Foothold Trap?

Foothold trap is among the most popular traps used by hunters to hunt different kinds of wild animals. Just as the name of this trap connotes “Foothold” it is designed to trap animal that steps on it. In some cases this trap normally injure while animal on the mouth when it put the mouth first to eat anything that is placed in the trap as bait. More so, this trap is inhumane trap as it can result to serious injury to any animal that get into. So, if you are intending to use this type trap you should confirm whether it is legal in your area. This article is will provide you information about some types of foothold trap you need to know.

Long-Spring Foothold Traps
The long-spring foothold trap is the most popular among other types. It is heavy and has large size making it difficult to hide. You can use single long-spring foothold trap to catch animals like mink or musk which are small animals. But if you want to catch larger animas such as beavers and others you can make use of double long-spring foothold trap. The weight of this trap is a plus when you want to use it in submerge set.

Coil-Spring Foothold Trap
If you have limited space where you want to set your foothold trap, you can easily go for coil-spring traps which to its small size. Comparing to other types of foothold traps the coil-spring type is known for the speed, small size and strength. That is why it is suitable to catch animals like coyotes as well as bobcat. You can enhance the stability and strength of this trap by adding more inches to the spring.

Guarded Foothold Trap
The guarded foothold trap is another option you need to consider going for and it has the ability to hold animal without space for the animal to escape. The more the animal struggle to escape the more it is likely to sustain injury due to the spring-loaded guard attached to it. If you want to kill animals in shallow water, then you can go for this type of foothold trap.

Enclosed Foothold Trap
If you are thinking of the best trap to catch raccoon, opossum and others the best choice of trap you need is enclose foothold trap. You can find this trap in different styles from different producers. More so, this trap is legal in some states more than other foothold traps.

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What Is a Foothold Trap?

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