How to identify fox tracks

Fox Tracks are Common Fox tracks are pretty common because foxes are present all over North America. You can find these wild animals in fields, deserts, urban areas, suburban areas, meadows, and forests.

Foxes have an unusual diet that consists of various foods and includes insects, berries, birds, small mammals, and crustaceans. There are generally five species of foxes that inhabit the North American region - the gray fox, arctic fox, swift fox, red fox, and kit fox. Out of all these fox types, the two most common foxes in North America are the gray fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus) and red fox (Vulpes vulpes). Besides foxes are interesting animals, we can also say that their tracks are very interesting and unique.

Fox Tracks
*Fox tracks are oval in their shape, just like the tracks of some canine animals. A fox’s footprint has four toes and those toes are in the shape of a triangle. You will usually see claw marks on a fox’s footprint. In certain substrates you won’t be able to see claws on fox’s footprints.

It is generally hard to recognize a red fox’s tracks because these animals have furry feet and small toe pads. The only thing through which we can identify a red fox’s tracks is the animal’s chevron-shaped pad. A red fox’s track measures from 1.7 inches in length to 2.45 inches in length. The animal’s tracks also measure from 1.5 inches to almost 2 inches in width.

Gray Fox Tracks
Gray fox tracks can easily be seen because these wild animals lack fur on their feet. This type of fox retracts its claws and that usually shows up in its tracks. This means when a gray fox retracts its claws, there won’t be any claw marks in their footprints. A gray fox’s tracks are small. They measure approximately 1.25 to 1.7 inches in length as well as 1 to 1.7 inches in width.

Fox Gait
Foxes are animals that walk and travel in a number of different gaits. This strictly depends on the substrate, the animal’s behavior, and mood. Common fox gaits include trot gait, walking gait, lopes, and galloping gait. Red foxes and gray foxes travel in a direct trot gait. These wild animals will usually walk in a galloping gait when they are hiding from animals they consider a threat to them. When hunting, foxes will usually walk the typical walking gait.

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How to identify fox tracks

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