How to get free bat removal

Once you have positively identified your problem as a bat infestation, deal with the situation promptly. Bats carry disease and bacteria that is dangerous to come in direct contact with. Unfortunately, there are few ways to get free help with a bat infestation. You may be able to contact your city or county animal control for help, but they will rarely help remove animals from inside a home. They can advise on methods to use, and on laws regarding the bats, (most places will not let you move bats in the summer months because they have set up nurseries); the location of bat’s roosts dictates the best method of eradication to use.

A solitary bat entering through an open door or window is simple. Let the bat come to rest. Use an empty coffee can and a piece of cardboard. Approach the bat slowly with the coffee can tilt. Cover it with the can, slide the cardboard over the opening, and is trapped inside. You can take it outside and release it near any tree. NOTE: If the bat had contact with you or any animal/member of your household, you should get that bat to the local Health Department for testing

Bats in your attic are most often females who come together in colonies to form nurseries. Your attic is warm and secluded, a perfect place to raise their young. Removal of these bats is complicated and can have legal ramifications. You are better off Hiring an expert. If you insist of doing it yourself, here is the best method.

1) Locate the entry points. You can spot them because of the dark greasy stains left by the bat crawling through. These openings can be no more than half an inch. Seal up all but primary entry point.
2) Install an exclusion funnel at the primary entry point. These funnels made from hardware cloth allow bats to pass through large end, but not return through the small. Once you know all of the bats are gone, seal the primary entry point and clean the attic area thoroughly

Bats in the Chimney are a problem for obvious reasons.

Their guano (bat poop) is falling into your home. You cannot use your fireplace. The bats could escape into your home, placing your family at risk. To get rid of these interlopers, you might just need patience and some wire mesh.
1) Wait for the bats to leave, and place a mesh barrier over the chimney. Check carefully for any cracks in your chimney seal them. You can also use an exclusion funnel on your chimney

Bats in your Walls are most difficult problem to deal with. Remember that a bat is able to fit through a hole as small as the end of your thumb.

1) Start by locating their entryways. You can listen for noises behind the walls. Watching the exterior of your home at dusk and dawn (when they leave and reenter) might give you a clue as to their access points.

2) Seal up all the holes, but one. Use your trusty exclusion funnel

3) Confirm that ALL bats and any babies are gone before sealing up that last hole.

4) Cleanup may require you to cut open your wall(s) it is VERY important to remove all waste and nesting debris.

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How to get free bat removal

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