How to get free raccoon removal

You have discovered a raccoon family making themselves at home in your yard or house. You want the messy buggers gone. You have already tried several DIY tricks you found online like bright lights, letting your dog bark, mothballs, and playing your radio loudly. All that did was stink up your house, upset your dog, and make the neighbors mad. You did the responsible thing and called a professional animal removal service, but you don’t really have the 200-400 dollars they are asking to move the family of raccoons. Poisoning the animals is not really an option because you are NOT going to kill anything. Trapping is not feasible either because eleven if you did successfully trap them, you would have no idea where or how to relocate you don’t even know where to find a trap or how to set it.

Don’t be dismayed by your setbacks – you may be able to get rid of those masked marauders yet. There could be a chance you are able to receive free animal removal. As a citizen, you are entitled to certain services. Your local animal control agency is part of the city structure. As a service to taxpayers, they will often provide free animal removal under certain circumstances. If an animal is hurt, sick, or clearly poses a danger to you or others, animal services will usually come to your aid. If the animal does not pose a clear and present danger, many agencies will still bring out traps, set them, and then return to relocate the animals after they are caught. There are some exceptions to these scenarios.

City employees will not usually go into private homes to catch wild animals, or set traps, with the exception of dangerous dogs. Loose and/or dangerous dogs always pose a serious threat because of the serious health threat posed by rabies. If city animal control cannot help you, you might try contacting animal removal services again. Explain your situation and see if there are some things you can do to lower the fees. Maybe removing only one animal will make the others leave. If you agree to do the entire cleanup, the rate might go down. Comparative shopping might help you as well. Call any service that is in your area, and tell them you are “shopping around”. They may offer you a better price just to get your business. Unfortunately, if you cannot find a free or reduced service, you may have to figure out how to do it on your own. You cannot just wait for your problem to go away because it won’t.

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How to get free raccoon removal

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