How to get free rat removal

When you have a problem with rats you want to be rid of them and quickly as possible. Not only are they dirty, noisy animals, they are destructive and pose a health threat. Rats use their constant need to chew to make holes in your siding, gnaw threw water pipes and electrical wires, and shred up all your keepsakes for nesting materials. They poop and pee everywhere, ruining insulation, wood, and anything cloth with their smelly waste. The carry fleas, lice and ticks that can be spread throughout your home, and they can transmit any number of nasty blood and neurological diseases to you and your family. Although it is possible to handle an infestation on your own, you may choose not to. Perhaps you do not know the proper way to get rid of them. Maybe you are unsure of using poisons and do not know how to use traps. Even if you kill or trap them, what do you with them? It is also possible that you would just rather have someone else do it.

If you have questions, start by calling your city or county animal control services. Some local agencies will send out an agent to aid you in your struggle. They will bring out traps and help you set them up. They will also return to collect the traps and the animals. If the rats are in your home, they will probably not enter your house, but will advise you as much as possible. You can also consult with your local agricultural agency to learn ways that you can DIY. Snap traps and poisons are very inexpensive, but leave you with dead bodies. Setting live traps will capture the rats, but then what do you do with them? Another option is to call local animal removal services, and try to negotiate with them.

Ask if there price is per animals, is it less if you handle the cleanup, find out if they ever run specials, or put out any coupons. Maybe your neighbor is also having a problem and they will offer a group price. If you end up having to pay for services, make sure to get an accounting of all fees up front and make sure you have a clear understanding of all services being performed. Make sure you ask about any free services they might offer like checking your perimeter for entry holes, or educating you on how to prevent reinfestation. They may even offer a follow visit in a few weeks to make sure you are still rat free. Be sure to take advantage of all the benefits offered to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

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How to get free rat removal

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