How to Get Mice Out Of the Garage

One thing you need to know about mice is that they can easily take over your garage mostly during the fall. In fact, if you happen to build garage there is high tendency that mice will come in to cause series of problems and damages to the things inside the garage including your lovely car. Mice can turn the engine compartment of your car into their home chewing the wires, rubber hoses and other things in the car. That is why you must plan on how to get them out completely from the garage.

Discourage Mice by Removing the Food Sources
It is important for you to know that mice going into your garage are for two important reasons and one of the reasons is to find food. So, if you are able to remove the possible food sources outside and inside the garage, you will stand better chance of enjoying mice free garage. The mice will be discouraged to live in your garage when you remove the possible food sources and clear out habitat outside the garage.

Seal up the Possible Openings in the Garage to Avoid Mice Entrance
Mice are very small in size and can easily squeeze the body through very tiny holes in the garage. For that reason, if you want to get mice out of the garage one of the things you need to do is to find the possible entry and exit points in the garage and seal them up. That will help you to control the population of mice inside the garage which you can eradicate completely using different mice removal methods.

Make Use of Mouse Trap
There are different kinds of mouse traps in the market which you can easily use to get mice out the garage. You can choose whether to use humane or inhumane trap to get them out. The humane trap will enable you to catch mice alive but the inhumane trap will kill them even before you will come around. One problem with inhumane mouse trap is that it can put your lovely pets in danger as they can easily get into the trap in a bid to eat up the bait you placed for mouse.

Use Poison to Get Mice Out Of Your Garage
Poison is one of the most popular and wildly recognized ways of mice control, but the truth is that it is highly inhumane. You must be ready to deal with mice carcasses here and there if you are using poison to kill them in the garage.

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How to Get Mice Out Of the Garage

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