How to Get Rats Out Of Your Garage

Your garage is one of the comfortable places for rat and other rodents as they can easily find things around to chew and gnaw from time to time. Also, the warmness and safety associated with garage is among the reasons why rats often prefer move to garage mostly when it want to make nest of babies. You are going to learn how to get rats out of your garage through the content of this article.

Locate Holes, Cracks and Possible Entry Points to Rat in the Garage
Rats can pass through even a smallest hole under the vent, through pipes, on top of garage door and others to gain access into your garage. For that reason, if you want to completely get rats out of garage you have to take out your time to go round and find the possible entry point for rat into the garage. Make sure you cover and seal up entry and exit point in the garage before embarking on any other removal method you want to use.

Make Use of Snap Trap to Remove Any Rats That Is Already Inhabiting the Garage
You can find different kinds of snap traps in the market designed mainly for rat removal. You can go for plastic enclosed snap trap in case you have pets that can easily move around the garage. Your major aim is t ensure that you trap the entire rats in your garage and remove them so as to solve rats infestation completely. But you must know that killing rat with snap trap is considered inhumane due to the stress and pains the trap normally put rat before killing it.

Deter Rat Using Your Lovely Hunting Cat

Do you have well trained hunting cats? If yes, this is when the cats are really needed for as they will help not only to scare away rats from garage but also to kill and feast on them. Your cats will be grateful when you give them opportunity to hunt and feast on rats disturbing you in the garage all this while.

Make Use of Rat Glue Trap to Get Rats Out Of Your Garage
Another method you can use to get rats out of your garage is glue trap. This trap is known to be highly effective in helping to control rat infestation in a place. But you must bear in mind that glue trap is considered in humane as it normally put rat into unnecessary pains before the rat will die.

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How to Get Rats Out Of Your Garage

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