How to get rid of bats in the attic

Bats in your attic always mean trouble. They are probably there to nest which means that in most states, you cannot move them until they are grown.

Here are some steps to help you make a plan to get rid of the bats.

Find out how the bats are getting in. Bats can fit through very s small spaces, some only a ¼ ‘wide so you must check every crack or crevice! Bat entryways will have a large concentration of black greasy residue from their bellies all around them. You can also watch your house at dusk and dawn to watch them enter or leave.

Once you know where the bats are roosting, and how they are accessing the attic. You must find out if there are pups. Bats are a protected animal in many places, and moving the young is illegal. If you make the bats just leave, how do you keep them out, and where do they go?

Once you have identified all the entryways and you look at options for handling your infestation.

If you decided to kill them, you must make sure that it is legal where you live. As we mentioned before, They are often protected, especially if there are young. To kill them you should block all the holes to the attic at once and use poison either in the forms of pellets or gas. You will have to clean up quite a few carcasses. In cleaning up if, you miss one or two bodies, now you have to deal with rotting bats and the problems that causes. There is also the possibility residual poison left in your home.

You can cause them “lock” them out. Exclusion funnels are a simple choice to get rid of the bats in your attic. They are even easy for you build or install, yourself require only a few simple tools, a few simple tools, and a few materials. To use a one-way, or exclusion funnel properly, seal all entrances but for the busiest. The large end of the funnel goes over that bat hole. The Exclusion funnels will allow the bat(s) to exit through its regularly used bat hole to exit the attic, but once out, it will not be able to fir to get back in. This is an effectual, humane, and safe If you way to force the bat to go elsewhere. A cage can be attached to the funnel if you what to capture them for re-location. After you are sure all bat s have left your attic, remove the funnel, and seal up the final hole. If you use this method, make sure you are not leaving any babies behind to die. If you need help with relocation, consult animal control or call a wild animal removal professional in your area.

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How to get rid of bats in the attic

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