How to get rid of birds in the attic

If You discovered birds nesting in your attic, You need to get them out. Birds cause costly damage with their pooping, scratching, and nesting. Feral Birds can carry body pests as well as a number of diseases. They like to travel flocks, make lots of noise, and have messy noisy nests full of fledglings.

Follow these simple steps to get those annoying birds out of your attic.

Find the birds way of getting in.

This is the most important step. You must find all their entrances and seal them to make sure, you are of these annoying birds! Most Birds can fit through a space as small 4 inches so some holes will be hard to find. Inspect all of your roof structure paying close attention to window eaves, screens, and eaves. Also, Examine the ridge row, vents, and around any chimneys stacks. Learn about the bird that is infesting your home. Knowing your adversary will help you know what signs to look for. The bird’s entryways should have a large amount of feces and some feathers lying around. Check your attic thoroughly for feces, feathers, nests, and eggs. Be careful because some nesting birds can be highly aggressive.

Decision time
You found where they are nesting and how they are getting in. You have checked for nests, eggs, or babies. Now to decide- Do you want to drive them out? Do you want to kill them? Should you wait for any babies to leave the nest, or Are you going to destroy any eggs?

You have made up your mind, Now How to go about it.
Ways to kill them :
Just block the entrances to the attic and poison or lay a number of baited kill traps. With poison Residuals could be left in your home, or dead bodies could be found by another animal and this could endanger your family or pets. Kill Traps are inherently messy and cause the animal to suffer needlessly.
If you just want them to leave, an Exclusion funnel is an excellent choice to get rid of the birds safely and quickly. You install The funnels large hole the birds use regularly (seal all the others off). The bird exit easily through the large end, but cannot re-enter the narrow end. The birds will be forced to go elsewhere. If you want to capture them for relocation, you attach a cage to the funnel. Remember that if there is a nest, the birds may become aggressive if they have left behind a nest or young. After you are sure all the birds are gone, remove the funnel, and seal up the final hole. And clean your attic space thoroughly.

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How to get rid of birds in the attic

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