How to get rid of iguanas?

A Problem in Florida Iguanas are a huge problem in the southern part of the United States, but they are a major problem in Florida. In Florida, iguanas breed in a large number. Iguanas you can find in Florida also litter boat docks and they get into people’s dwellings as well.

Although iguanas are some of the most interesting reptiles in the world, they aren’t that interesting to people who they make problems to. Some people actually find iguanas the biggest problem they have to deal with. There are a huge number of problems that people who have iguanas living or using their garden experience. Regarding the fact that they are herbivorous animals, iguanas will often invade people’s gardens and consume garden plants they find tasty. Besides they are a problem for destroying garden plants, iguanas are also a problem because they attack people and domestic animals.

Trapping and Snaring Iguanas
The two main ways how a person can catch an iguana are trapping and snaring them. Iguana snare traps can be bought online and in most hardware stores. These iguana snare traps usually come pre-loaded. The best iguana snare traps are snare traps that will hold the animal tight but also allow certain freedom of movement. Iguana snare traps should be placed in areas where iguanas were frequently seen because iguanas usually use the same paths. Once you set up an iguana snare trap you should check the trap regularly. After catching an iguana in a snare trap, you should transfer the animal into a cage.

The other option for getting rid of iguanas is cage traps. The very positioning of these traps is more important to catch an iguana than baiting these traps. Speaking of baiting an iguana cage trap, you should trap it with fruits such as mangoes or bananas.

What to Do With Caught Iguanas?
The majority of the states in the United States have specific laws on what people should do with iguanas they have caught. Releasing iguanas after catching them is usually illegal because iguanas aren’t native to the United States. One of the most advocated ways of getting rid of caught iguanas is having them euthanized.

One common way to euthanize your iguanas is to put them in a chest freezer. However, if you have caught a young iguana, you don’t have to euthanize it. You can call a pet store and have it take the iguana from you and train it to become a pet.

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How to get rid of iguanas?

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