How to get rid of raccoons in the attic

1) Confirm that it is raccoons
You may spy Tiny footprints that look like small hands around the base of your home as they look for ways to get in. Look for Scat (droppings) the size of a large cat that will be at the base of trees or fallen logs. Garbage cans or trash bins that have been opened and dug through for food can be an indication of raccoons. Chattering scratching or snuffling sounds inside chimneys or attics could be from raccoons as well as screeching sounds (made while breeding). If you watch your home at dusk and dawn, you may Spot raccoons coming in and out of your yard or house.

2) Find their entrance

This is paramount to solving your problem! You must find their entryways, seal them off, and keep them out. Inspect all of your siding, basement windows, roof, Ridges, and eaves. Raccoon holes entryways will be larger than rodents or bats and there will be a lot of scratch marks and with fur around them. Raccoons are active most from dusk to dawn so you may see them coming in or out.

3)Decide how to get rid of them

Once you know where the raccoons are living, and how they are getting in you are ready to get them gone. First, determine if there are babies, because Their fate is in your hands. Do you just want to make them leave? Are you planning to kill them? What about the babies? Consider the outcome of all your decisions. If you kill them, how will you deal with the bodies? If you run them off, where will they go? If you capture them, where do you relocate them?

4) Put your plan in action

If you decide to kill them, there are choices and repercussions.
Poisons or gas bombs
- leaves dead and dying raccoons everywhere
Live traps
- You can only trap one at a time, and now you have to decide what to do with the trapped ‘coons
Exclusion funnels
- the raccoons leave and can’t return, but where do they go?
Exclusion funnels w/ a cage
–now you have trapped all of them but what do you with them?

5) Once the raccoons are all gone

Once every animal is gone, permanently seal all the holes and clean up all the debris left behind. Be sure to wear protective gear like gloves boots goggles and a mask to avoid any contaminants. If you have bodies, dispose of them in large bags and place in an n outside trash. For live animal removal, contact a professional service or local animal control. Follow these simple guidelines, keep your raccoon free

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How to get rid of raccoons in the attic

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