How to get rid of raccoons without killing them

Raccoons are clever and resourceful creatures that are not above leaving the wilderness and moving in to your home. There feeding, breeding, and nesting habits can become a serious problem for homeowners. Raccoons have dexterous hands, are intelligent, practice stealth. They have a wide and varied diet including fruits, eggs, insects, amphibians, trash, and small rodents. Their dexterous “hands” and can many things, move latches, and tear open holes. Raccoons can be vicious if they feel threatened. Never confront a raccoon or any wild animal. Here is a list of a few great DIY ideas for running off raccoons without killing them.

1. Bright city lights
Shining bright lights through the night will make the nocturnal raccoon very uncomfortable.

2. Enjoy the outdoors
Take advantage of the beautiful weather to enjoy your outdoor space and run off annoying critters. Raccoons do not want noise and activity in their space. Playing loud music, setting up bright lights, and hanging out in the yard with friends and family will upset raccoons. You can also install sonic emitters installed around your property to irritate them further. If they cannot find peace and quiet in your yard, then they will move on.

3. A tidy yard is a raccoon free yard
Cut back overgrowth and bushes against your house. Remove debris, and trash. Make sure large trees do not overhang your roof. Stow unattended pet food bowls, and properly stored all animal feed. Standing water like fountains, pet bowls, ponds, and birdbaths are favorite spots of raccoons. You should Cover or remove them. Keep garbage in sealed containers, and keep grills and cookout areas clean.

4) Who let the dogs out?
Raccoons and dogs are natural adversaries. A raccoon does not want to live in a yard with a dog. Just make sure that you do not let man’s best friend get to close to a ‘coon. Their bite is particularly harmful to dogs.

There are, of course plenty of other methods you can try. Live traps, commercial repellents, and fencing your entire yard with them in mind are all sound ideas as well. If all your efforts end in failure, you might want to contact a professional wildlife removal service. There are going to be several in your area, and one of them will be perfect for your problem. These professionals are well versed in a variety of nuisance animals including raccoons. They will handle the job from start to finish, and make sure that your problem is gone, and you have learned to prevent a reinfestation. Do not suffer with raccoons- take back your yard today!

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How to get rid of raccoons without killing them

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