An Analysis of Inhumane Glue Traps For Rodent

The glue trap is among the taps used to kill rats and other smaller rodents. The traps are made with adhesive or glue which normally glue to the hairs of rats and other rodents making it difficult for the animal to escape. A rodent caught with glue trap will not be able to move away till it dies or till someone come around and kill it. Due to the inhumane and cruel nature of glue traps they are band in some states. This trap normally catch the animal, torture it and put the animal in intense stress and effortless struggle as well as serious pains before it will die.

The Restriction on Rodent Control Using Glue Gum
Use of glue trap for rodents is highly restricted in most parts of the world including some states in the United State. The traps are only used mainly by licensed rodent trappers with enough experience on trapping. So, if you are not licensed to trap rodent you can put yourself into trouble just by catching rodent using glue trap. Before you can be offered licensing to use glue trap in you must be a registered and well experienced rodent trapper.

How to Lessen the Stress and Pain of Rodent in Flue Trap
The stress, struggles and pains rodents trapped with glue normally pass through before death is really unimaginable. For that reason, rodent trappers are encouraged to ensure they lessen the struggle and pains of rodent caught in glue trap by killing it straightaway.

Why Glue Traps Are Under Strict Control in Most States
If you have watched rat, mouse or other rodent struggle through glue trap you will realize that the trap is extremely inhumane. So, due to the fact that is an inhumane way of killing helpless animal there is serious restriction in the use. The dealers do not even sell glue trap to unlicensed trapper and if any unlicensed trapper is found with glue trap it can result to charges and fines.

The Reason Why You Should Not Use Glue Trap To Handle Your Rodent Infestation Problem

Glue gum can cause rodent to struggle effortlessly before death. Most of them in their bit to set themselves free from the glue normally end up submerging their face, eye, and other part of the body into the glue making things more difficult for them. Another thing you need to know about glue trap is that it can catch your pet cat which will not be easy to remove if you are not there to help.

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An Analysis of Inhumane Glue Traps For Rodent

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