How to Know If You Have Rabies

Rabies is severe viral disease that easily spread from infected wild animal to another through saliva. Case of rabies infection easily occurs through bite from infected animal to human or other animal. More so, transmission of rabies can occur when saliva from infected animal touches an open wound of another animal or human. Also you can get rabies from an infected person when you touch the mucous membrane. Rabies virus is the cause of rabies disease and the virus usually affect the central nervous system and in the brain and is always 100% fatal resulting to death. You are going to learn how to know when you have rabies through this post.

The Early Symptoms of Rabies You Need To Know
The symptoms of rabies can show up within the first week of infection and there are some early signs that indicate that someone has contracted rabies. Some of the early signs that can tell you that you have been affected with rabies include: Intense weakness, uncontrollable headache and unexplainable fever. If you start having these symptoms after being bitten by a wild animal you should immediately contact your doctor for emergency medical attention.

The Paralytic Rabies Symptoms
Apart from early symptoms there are other symptoms that normally show up as the rabies case progresses. There is rabies form known as paralytic rabies which happens to up to 20 percent of people affected by rabies. In this case the muscle of the person affected with rabies will start growing weak and paralyzed starting mostly from the area of the bite to other parts of the body. This case normally results to coma and then death.

Are You Suddenly Becoming Too Anxious And Confused After Animal Bite?
If you have start experiencing anxiety or you begin to feel confused after being bitten by wild animal then you should know that you have sign of rabies. Make sure you do not waste another time when you discover the first sign of rabies in your body. Though 100% rabies cases normally result to fatal you may be lucky to escape death if you receive emergency treatment and vaccine shot against rabies.

Other Signs of Rabid Affected Human
There are other things that can show you sign that you have rabies apart from the symptoms mentioned above. Some of other signs and symptoms for rabies include:

• Hypersalivation
• Encephalitis which can result to hallucination, confusion and even coma
• Hydrophobia
• Difficulty swallowing things

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How to Know If You Have Rabies

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