What To Look For When Hiring A Wildlife Professional: What Questions To Ask

Whether you have wildlife on your property and want it gone or simply want to prevent them from invading, a wildlife professional can be a valuable resource. They will be able to evaluate your property and the situation, remove the animals that are present humanely, and give you tips to keep them away. This is only true, however, when you choose the right professionals. Picking the wrong one can leave you with an unresolved animal problem or put you at risk of inhumane methods. To make sure you find the right wildlife professional, be sure to ask them the following questions.

What Are Their Credentials?
The very first question to ask a wildlife professional is what credentials they have. The best ones will be open about their training and experience. They will have professional credentials, including the necessary licensing to work in your area. They should also have liability insurance in case they cause damage to your property or an injury occurs during the wildlife removal process.

Do They Have References?
If a wildlife professional is experienced, they should have a list of references or at least positive reviews online. Most experts will be up front with their references, and some will even carry a list with them to meetings in case you want to check out their service history. If you choose to talk to the references, ask them what issue they had and how it well it was resolved as well as how long it took to do so.

What Services Do They Offer?
Although obvious, you will want to know what services the wildlife expert you are talking to offers. Some may specialize in a particular type of pest while others will work with all. Make sure that they have experience dealing with the particular pest you want them to get rid of. While talking about the services, be sure to check when they offer these services. If they only work during the week, keep looking. Pest issues can happen at any hour and professionals know that.

You should also ask them whether they handle insects as well. While it may be tempting to pick a company that does both tasks, this is typically a bad idea. Insects and wildlife require very different techniques for pest control so using insect control methods on wildlife won't be effective. It may even involve the use of dangerous and ineffective poisons.

Do They Use Humane Methods?
Wildlife pests are still animals and this means they should be treated humanely. Of course, most professionals will say they use humane methods regardless of the actual answer. To get around this, ask them about the methods used. If they focus on exclusion or other no-kill methods, this is a good sign. Also, make sure that they work to minimize the impact of their work on nearby wildlife.

What Products Are Used?
Asking about the products used goes along with determining whether a wildlife professional uses humane methods. Avoid those who use poison as their first line of defense since these are typically inhumane and can affect other wildlife in the area. Also, try to avoid professionals who use repellents that you can find in any store. You want someone who uses specialty products designed for experts or relies on their experience to use traps and exclusion methods.

How Do They Charge?
As always, you should ask the wildlife expert how much they will charge for a given service. Be sure to check whether they offer a guarantee as the best companies or individuals will. It can be very tempting to simply pick someone who offers a free inspection, but in many cases, they will make up for this by hard-selling overpriced services. Many professionals will make the inspection affordable in another way. If you use their services, they will then waive the inspection fee or subtract it from the total cost of services. It is possible to get good service from companies offering free inspections, however, as long as they correctly answer the other questions on the list.

Do They Help With Cleanup And Repair?

Although you may discuss cleanup and repair when talking about services, it is worth mentioning. Depending on the animal you are dealing with, they will leave a huge and dangerous mess behind. Bat guano, for example, carries a risk of disease like histoplasmosis. In cases like this, you will want to have a professional clean the area the animals were so they can wear the proper protective gear and do a thorough job. Some pests will also cause damage and wildlife professionals may help with these repairs as well. This type of repair and cleanup will not always be offered, but knowing whether an expert offers it will help you plan. At the very least, they should be able to help you with preventative repairs, such as sealing up potential entry holes.

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