How to make homemade rat poison

Most everyone hates a wild rat infestation. Rats pose a danger to your home your health and your general well-being. They are hard to get rid of, and if you hire a pro, it is often a costly endeavor. One of the most effect ways to get rid of annoying rats is to poison them. It works silently and often the rats leave your home to die. Using poison raises a lot of questions. Many people hate the thought of killing anything, while others protest the danger factor involved with poison. Some arguments against poison are- Other animals can accidentally ingest the poison intended for the rat and die, predator animals can also get sick or die from eating a poisoned rat. Poisons can be dangerous for the water table as well. Some products are harmful only to rodents. Here are some recipes for quick acting poisons that are not harmful to the earth or other animals. They also work well because they contain things rats have probably been eating in your home already. Many of the recipes use things you already have in your cabinets. Here are our three favorite.

1) Mix equal parts of baking soda, flour, and sugar. Put the mixture in small bowls Place the bowl(S) in high (rat) traffic areas. When you see the bowls have been eaten from, look for the bodies.

2) Mix Equal parts Boric acid d and flour. Wet the mixture with broth and form in to balls. Put them behind things against the wall were rats like to run. KEEP PETS (and kids) FROM EATING THIS. Although they would have to ingest a huge serving, boric acid can make them sick.

3) Combine Equal parts of both peanut butter and baking soda. Roll this mixture into balls and pressed in to cookies. Place these anywhere you have seen signs of rats.

Whenever you put out “poison” make sure that you are actively searching for bodies, or signs of bodies. You never want to leave dead bodies lying about. Not only do they attract carrion feeders like flies, but they smell, ooze everywhere, and can spread some nasty diseases. Always try to find the remains quickly. Once can smell the dead rat, you probably have a whole new set of problems. One thing is for certain. Getting rid of your rat problem should be at the top of your list. A rat infestation is not a danger to you, your pets, and family. Rats spread disease and body pests, and are a hazard to us all.

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How to make homemade rat poison

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